Bucket Truck Operator

Bucket Truck Web photo 2 
The Bucket Truck Operator Training program is specifically designed to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill levels of experienced operators, trainees, safety personnel, inspectors, maintenance personnel, managers and supervisors. All personnel attending this program will gain significant and useful skills and will leave with a stronger understanding and appreciation of the requirements and responsibilities of Bucket Truck Operators.

The one day Bucket Truck Operator program provides an excellent learning environment for personnel in the telecommunication, power and utility industries. Many different types of this equipment, with a wide range of capacity and reach and with many options, are used on a daily basis to lift workers safely where it is impractical to use ladders. For work around power lines, OSHA has developed and published strict guidelines for distance requirements and de-energizing.

CICB’s course objectives are designed to increase the safety awareness of the owner, supervisor, operator and their co-workers with special emphasis on safe operations and OSHA regulations.

You will benefit from learning about:
  • Operating Requirements, Procedures and Precautions
  • Operator Responsibilities
  • Effective Communications Among Operations and Ground Support Personnel
  • Applicable OSHA and ANSI/SIA Safety Standards
  • Safe, Effective and Efficient Operating Practices and Requirements
  • Proper Set-up and Controls
  • Daily Operator’s Checklist
  • Evaluating and Applying Site Conditions
  • Overhead Power Line Safety
  • Supporting Surface Requirements
  • Required Maintenance and Inspections
  • Equipment Terminology
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Minimizing the Opportunity for Accidents