Advanced Rigger Train The Trainer

Our goal is for the trainers to have a solid understanding on how to develop and deliver a training program. The Train the Trainer programs tie together technical knowledge with participant centered training and adult learning principles. The personnel in attendance will receive relevant technical material and have an understanding on how that information will be delivered by the trainer.
Advance rigging principals include a review of basic rigging and communication. From the basics, the personnel in attendance will learn about more complicated selection, inspection and use of sling arrangements, sling angles, hardware, slings and lifting devices. Mathematics is used to calculate load angle stress and center of balance of loads. 
Riggers, supervisors, managers and crane operators will benefit from this type of training by becoming more knowledgeable of heavy lift concerns and hazard recognition.

After completion of this course, the personnel in attendance will give benefit from learning about:

  • Participant centered training techniques
  • Adult learning principals
  • Developing course objectives
  • Developing an course outline
  • Developing a course instructor guide
  • Learn how to draft a written test and a practical evaluation 
  • Use of training tools such as Power Point, hands on training, quizzes or exercises, photos or props
  • Review applicable safety codes and standards
  • Rigging planning
  • Rigging gear selection
  • Rigging gear inspection
  • Rigging application and use
  • Hazard awareness
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